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Supercharge your business operations, and enjoy greater performance, consistency and transparency than you ever thought possible.

Online Operations Manual

Workplace Audits

Support Desk

Compliance Reports

Performance Leaderboards

Relationship Manager

Online Operations Manual

Our cloud based online operations manual provides your whole company with access to any policy, procedure or best-practice guideline any time 24/7 from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Restrict access to certain policies or procedures and auto-notify all staff of any updates which are considered “mandatory” reading.

Verify understanding of each policy with a training quiz and formal policy ‘sign-off’ by the user themselves or their manager.

Enjoy real-time access to compliance reporting which shows which staff have – or have not – completed their mandatory reading.

Workplace Audits

Keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your network with this powerful surveying and auditing toolkit.

Using a combination of weighted questions in various formats, empower your field operatives to thoroughly review and report upon the operational, retail, safety and/or compliance related performance of each workplace.

Highlights include;

  • Weighted questions
  • Mobile accessible for on-site audits
  • File uploads for snap-and-send functionality
  • Free text comments
  • Follow-up action plans
  • Customisable report builder

Support Desk

A fully fledged support ticketing system which is accessible to all users. Pre-select your ticket types and sub-types to ensure that all issues can be auto-assigned the most appropriate problem solvers in your business.

The creator, assignee and any other ‘watchers’ are kept up to date as support tickets progress towards resolution. User can comment, request more information, upload files (incl. photos and videos) and re-assign tickets to other users in need be.

To ensure that the support team are adequately assisting your network, admin users can easily access ticket analytics reporting which shows average age of tickets before first sighting, average age before resolution and even which support staff are performing the best in affecting resolutions the fastest.

Incident Registry

Accidents happen in the workplace. This is a reality that we all have to accept, however the consequence and frequency of such accidents can be greatly reduced with effective risk and training management procedures.

When an incident does occur, it is reported using this registry as a user fills in the online incident form, attaches any evidence they may have – such as photos or videos – and notes any further action that may be required.

A report is accessible by suitable permitted users to ensure that operations managers are kept well informed, and can structure training and prevention programs accordingly.

Relationship Manager

Particularly useful for franchise and multi-location businesses, the relationship manager – also known as the ‘franchise relationship manager’ is a comprehensive event tracking and reporting tool.

Enjoy the CRM-like function of recording every interaction you have with all of your workplaces, their staff or franchisees. This may include, phone calls, meetings, support requests, audit follow-ups and more.

Pull a report which details all activity and performance results from a particular franchise or group of franchises in just seconds.