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A complete marketing toolkit covering everything from brand management, resources sharing and automatic localised artwork creation.

Localised Asset Production

Virtual Reality Tours

Customer Feedback Surveys

Brand Guideline Management

Franchise CRM

Digital Asset Manager

Localised Asset Production

One of the great challenges as a multi-location (e.g. franchise) business grows, is for the marketing team to continue providing intelligently designed, locally targeted artwork assets.

The consequence of not continuing to provide such support is either;

  • Lack of marketing activity at a local level; or
  • Active franchisees that are incorrectly using the brand and IP assets to create their own marketing artwork

Our Localised Asset Production solves this problem by allowing the centralised marketing team to create an artwork template, which when accessed by the local franchisees, will produce 300DPI print ready artwork with all of the local franchise details in place, such as; contact details, imagery, description and feature lists.

Virtual Reality Tours

Using a completely custom branded mobile app, our clients invite their customers to take a virtual tour of their venues.

Originally developed at the request of the world’s largest franchise hotel group, this module is ideally suited to any organisation that has a venue or location to showcase.

End users will be able to access the VR content using their iPhone or Android device; with the optional addition of a VR headset (approx ~ $8-$20).

Customer Feedback Surveys

Using our world-class form builder, create a survey that really helps you to get inside the hearts and minds of your customers.

By applying appropriate weight to each question, you can map the results to allow business decisions to be made on the factors that you consider most important to the success of the business.

A custom report builder will allow you to see compare results on a workplace-by-workplace basis, and to provide support and training to any local managers or franchisees that may have a certain trend that needs correcting.

Brand Management

An alternative to the traditional static ‘brand guidelines’ document produced in in-design or some other graphics program, we offer a dynamic, cloud based function to keep better control of your brand and it’s usage.

Aside from the important narrative behind your brand, you can also add various image based examples of what to do and what not to do, different downloadable copies of your logo(s) in various formats and a library of ready-to-download image assets.

You can even track which users have accessed which resources and how frequently.

Digital Asset Manager

A simple but very effective solution to the challenge of sharing digital assets with your local store managers and franchisees.

Each of your locations has their own “folder” in which all of their assets will be placed, allowing you to be very selective about which franchisees have access to which assets.

Additional shared folders allow more general assets (logos, generic artwork, campaign brochures, product photos) to be shared with all users to use when needed.